Sunday, August 2, 2020

Rug Of The Day - "Share It" Sunday

I'd thought that I'd spotlight some delightful rugs that were previously featured in Rug Of The Day and were shared to me by their makers.

My Country
Hooked by Judy Glenn
I showed you Judy's partially hooked rug in a previous Rug of The Day post but here it is finished.  Ta-Da!  I love how the red, white, and blue is carried throughout the rug.  And look at Judy's perfect stars on the flag...done with a 9-cut!  It's a great technique to use when you have to fit those tiny stars on a flag.

Hooked by Kitty Olson
Hooking a dark background for this rug isn't always easy to do but Kitty pulled it off by giving Uncle Sam a little halo to make him stand out.  The tabs on the sides are playfully hooked by alternating the red, white, and blue theme. Again, the patriotic colors march around this rug nicely.

Nantucket Broom Ride
   Hooked by Randi Cohen
Oh my!  I LOVE the antique and naive appearance of Randi's rug!  Not too many of us can achieve the look that Randi has created....she says she used old t-shirts, bathing suits, wool, and anything she had on hand, much like our rug hooking sisters of yesteryear did.  

All three ladies did a brilliant job at hooking their rugs!  
Thanks for sharing, my friends!  

Just a reminder that you can find the patterns here:

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Saundra said...

All three rugs were perfectly hooked and with different points of view with color choices. Randi Cohen's rug takes my breath away. Am sure Pearl McGowan wouldn't approve but what did she know about true primitive rug hooking anyway. Great job gals!!!