Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Sheep In A Sweatshirt

Sheep shearing was last Saturday.  The girls had their day at the "spa" but it turned so cold and rainy the next day, that we noticed the new little ewe was shivering so I put a sweatshirt on her to keep her warm for a few days.
 Here she is making her grand debut!  We had to tie up the excess fabric with some baling twine so she won't get her legs caught up.  Miss Emma likes to come up from behind and chew on the fabric knot!

We have decided to name her Sukka (pronounced Sook-ka) which means stocking in Finnish.  This is in honor of her cute little white socks.  She had a huge appetite and loves her hay!  Unfortunately, she has had a runny nose for the past day or so and the vet thinks she might have a slight case of "shipping fever."  No real fever, so we are just watching her.  It's kind of like when you send your pre-schooler off to the first day of school and they come home with a cold that everyone else has spread around!  We just have to make sure that it doesn't turn into pneumonia.
Here is my other Finn sheep, Lumi.  She is a sweetheart and follows me everywhere I go.  She is the most gentle creature I know and Sukka loves her.
And here is Miss Emma!  A big, big girl!  Look at those ears!  She and Sukka get along but Emma is much more pushy and bossy.  Sukka has already figured her out and knows when to stay out of the way.  The sheep shearer pointed out to his apprentice that Emma's fleece was a nice one, full of luster.  I'm sure he's seen plenty of sheep fleeces in his line of work so I am extremely pleased!

Tuesday, May 17, 2011

A few random snaps of the Maryland Sheep/Wool Fest.

Just a few random photos of the Maryland Sheep/Wool Festival.  Enjoy.

 Looking up one of the main venues.  This photo was taken on "set-up" day before the crowds came.  There is still a lot of activity going on as the vendors get settled into their spots.

  "Mr. Spruce Ridge" in front of the barn where our booth was located.

 Didn't eat anything from this place.....

Beautiful baskets in a booth in the Main Exhibition Hall.

A couple of gorgeous Wensleydale sheep in one of the animal barns.

My little lamb (black one) and her beautiful twin sister.

Our booth (it looks like there were a few things that needed to be arranged yet).

Tuesday, May 10, 2011

What I brought back from the Maryland Sheep & Wool Festival

I brought back the usual stuff...a T-shirt, a tote bag, a couple sheep and goat figurines...
but I also got this:
Yes, a new sheep!  Isn't she adorable?!?!
She is 6 months old, a ewe (girl) and her breed is Finnish Landrace, more commonly known as a Finn Sheep.  As you might remember, I already have a white ewe Finn sheep named Lumi (means "snow" in Finnish).
She was born on a farm in Maryland and her farm name is Fern, but I am going to change her name to something Finnish.  I'm thinking about a couple of good names but haven't made a decision just yet.
I believe her official color is black, however the sun usually fades the fleece so she looks more like a deep chocolate brown, with a white crown, muzzle and four sweet little white stockings!
Here is Miss Emma, lurking around and trying to check her out without being too obvious:
 Emma and Lumi are getting along pretty well with the new addition.  I think Fern is a little homesick as she had a twin sister that she was penned with (she was also gorgeous but not for sale).  However, all animals here are pampered quite a bit and I'm sure she'll feel at home very soon.
By the way, the Maryland Sheep and Wool Festival was such a fun place to be and we loved every minute of it!  I was quite busy (thank you to all who shopped!) so I did not get to take many pictures but I will share a few snaps tomorrow.  We will definitely return to Maryland next year...but I'm going to stay out of the sheep barns....way too tempting!!! 
(A big thanks and endless appreciation to my husband who went along with the purchase of this pet without too much of a fuss! I am forever blessed to be married to that man!)

Monday, May 2, 2011

Thank You

In tribute to our military, our servicemen, our heros
who keep us safe and protected
so we can enjoy our freedom and
 Hooked by Pamela Mayfield
 Hooked by Pam Hufford
As seen at the Lenexa Hook-In 2011
It's a lovely day to celebrate our country!
(Pattern (c) 2005 Kris Miller/Spruce Ridge Studios)