Saturday, September 1, 2018

Sauder Village

I know I am late to be posting these pictures but I wanted to share some of the fabulous rugs I saw at Sauder Village a few weeks ago.  
I was a Celebrations Finalist and wanted to attend the preview night on Tuesday.  I was summoned to serve in a jury pool for the entire month of August so I sent my rug ahead, just in case I couldn't make it.  But my prayers were answered when I got the notice that I was dismissed for the week!  Yay!
Here is my Celebrations Rug, Posy Pony, which was entered in the Primitive category.  The designer is Sally Kallin and my teacher was Janice Johnson.  So many different layers to this rug!  It took some thinking to get it all worked out in my head.
My dear friend, Sheri Ahner, was a Celebrations winner in the Originals category.  When she showed it to me, I gasped "Oh my goodness, you hooked that?"  Of course, my foot was immediately in my mouth because I didn't mean that she didn't have the talent!  This was a really big rug and I think I was blown away by the size of it and all the painterly details.  We had a good laugh over my gaffe.  I guess best friends can do that without any misunderstanding.

I think what fascinated me the most was the braided rug exhibit.  It was excellent and inspiring!  I will post a few pictures today and maybe more with my next post.  It seems that most of my pictures were of the braided rugs.
I can't say enough about how this braided rug impressed me!  The size and the perfection of the swirling design.  Just WOW!
Here is another braided rug from the same maker.  I have to apologize because I did not get the name of the person who did this.  I think I was just too blown away to take a picture of the label that was next to it. I would love to give credit where credit is due, so if you know who's work this is, please leave me a comment.
Another incredible braided rug by Delsie Hoyt.  I think it was my favorite, although it is really hard to choose.
Fabulous braiding and gorgeous use of paisley.  By Joyce Krueger.
You really had to get up close to this one for the "wow" factor...but another fabulous work of braided art!  By Jennifer Kiarsis.
Two little braided cats, all snuggled up together.
And no little bedroom rug would be complete without a pair of frou-frou slippers!