Friday, April 19, 2013

Texture Inspirations

When I am traveling, I sometimes see the most interesting and inspiring objects that have amazing texture.  I often choose random things that catch my attention at the moment.  I'm glad that I have a camera on my phone because you never know when inspiration is going to hit.  I've decided that I'm going to make a "texture inspiration" file on my computer so when I am in stuck  or have a creative block, I can go back and look at these amazing wonders.

Here are a few of my snapshots that inspire me:

Here is some broccoli that I saw at the Pike Street Market in Seattle.  I love the bright green color and really unusual texture.
A window box of plants in Annapolis.  I love the variety of green shades and the mixture of leaf shapes.
I am sort of a "stone" aficionado.  Here are some stones on a wall in Annapolis. I love the little stones set into the mortar.
More stones from a cobblestone street in Helsinki, Finland.  It is amazing to see all the wonderful colors in stones....blues and pinks in this example.
A cobblestone street in Dent, England.  I love the colors in these stones too...blues, red-oranges and peach.
A stone wall in the North Yorkshire Dales, England.  Lots more yummy colors in these stones...taupe, yellow green, peachy pink!

OK, don't laugh at me...this is the carpeting in my doctor's exam room!  I took one look at it and thought it looked like a hit or miss pattern!  I love the nubbiness of the weave. It reminds me of this:
An old and well-worn hit or miss rug seen in an antique shop in Ohio.  I love the use of bright colors with the black and neutral.
I hope your week-end is full of color, texture and inspiration!