Friday, October 31, 2014

Trick or Treat Flash Sale!

You get the's a Halloween Flash Sale! 

This is such a sweet little Halloween design from Lori Brechlin/Notforgotten Farm.  It's a very do-able size (17" x 21") so it will hook up quickly.  You don't need a lot of different wool colors to work your magic on this pattern: black, orange, a strip or two of green for the eyes, and a nice neutral background.  Use the beading stitch for a toothy grin!  Wow!  
 I got a little crazy again while drawing this pattern.  I adore this little cat and I probably had just the perfect size scrap of linen so I let that Sharpie whirl! But now there is just a bit too many patterns and I have to make way for some new ones. 
 So here's how it works: The Flash Sale just lasts today, October 31st.  It runs all day but please don't call too late, OK?  Late for me is after 9 pm.  And please leave a message on my machine if I don't answer-I might be down in the barn.
The Flash Sale is for the Eke and Zeke pattern only.  These patterns will be 25% off the normal retail price.  First come, first served, orders will be filled according to the time they were received.

I am offering 2 Eke & Zeke patterns on monks cloth and 6 on linen.  Shipping and sales tax (if you live in Michigan) are extra.  The sale ends at the end of the day or whenever I run out of patterns. Here is a link to the pattern on my website, just in case you want to take a peek:

Thursday, October 30, 2014

On My Frame

Here is what is on my frame right now....
It's Daisy!  A really wonderful pattern that is adapted from Lori Brechlin/Notforgotten Farm!  I used two yummy textures and "puddled" them around Daisy's body....she sure has a looong body so I felt it needed some interest.  I'm mixing 3 or 4 different neutral textures for the background and then used yet another one to work in the word "daisy" under the donkey (the word isn't on the pattern but I thought I'd like to fill in some of that negative space down there.  If you like it, I can add it to your pattern too). After I took the photo, I can see a few spots that I'd like to change up a little.  That's the beauty of taking a picture while your work is in progress...little things that you wouldn't notice with the naked eye suddenly pop out.  It's a great tool for evaluating your hooking.

I really love the way my Daisy is looking!

I'm sort of playing around with how I want to hook the stars.  So far, I like how they turned out. The next step is to play around with the blue and see how I can fill in between the star points.

Unfortunately, I dislocated my little finger on my right hand (yes, I am right-handed!) about 3 1/2 weeks ago.  The bone was set back in place but there is a huge amount of swelling, it's a little achey, and I'm probably facing a few months of physical therapy.  I can still hook but it goes much more slowly now.  And of course, now that fall is almost over and the cold winter months are nearly here, I want to get back to my hooking so badly!!!  Lots of designs and colors swirling around in my head and lots of projects begging to be worked on.  I love this time of year!

P.S. Stayed tuned...there might be a spooky kind of flash sale going on tomorrow. A treat for you without the tricks!