Friday, October 14, 2011

The Countdown Begins (and a sneak peek)!

Just a few more short days and I'll be headed out to the ATHA Biennial in Lancaster, PA.  Not only will I be vending, but I will be teaching and attending the Executive Board Meeting as your elected Secretary.  My noticeable absence from my blog is a testimony to how hard I've been working to put together a unique and wonderful collection of items for my booth.  I've been drawing patterns daily, with an emphasis on fall and Halloween designs.  I've been washing sheep curls and dyeing wool and assembling kits.  Best of all, I've done this:
I have self-published a booklet of finishing techniques for rug hookers.  I taught these techniques at Sauder Village last summer and this booklet is a collection of the handouts that I provided to my students.  There are 5 different techniques in all, in 6 chapters.  All techniques are described in detail with tons of colored picture close-ups. The booklet is spiral bound with a clear vinyl front cover and a sturdy black vinyl back cover.  It will be for sale at the ATHA biennial for the shoppers who visit my booth, however the booklet will also be available for sale to anyone after October 24th.  The price is $18.95 (shipping would be extra).
I hope to see you next week!