Saturday, May 2, 2020

Maryland Sheep and Wool Virtual Festival is here!

The Maryland Sheep & Wool Virtual Festival starts today at 8:30 am (EDT).
Here is the link to access the Festival vendors:

There are many vendors offering specials.  Spruce Ridge Studios is offering free US shipping, using the code mdsw2020.  This code is only good until Sunday night and you must enter it in the coupon code box on the order form on our website.

The sweet little sheep in the above picture has a funny Festival story.  The very first year I went to vend at the Festival, I saw her in the sheep barn and was told she was for sale.  We had no room in our van or trailer to take her home but it just so happened that there was a man from our area who was showing sheep and he agreed to trailer her back to Michigan with his other animals.  I often joke that most people buy a souvenir t-shirt when they go, but I had to bring home an actual sheep!    This is Sukka, she is a black sheep with little white "socks" on her legs, so her name means "sock" in Finnish (she is a Finn sheep!).  We still have her here on our farm and she is the most lovable girl ever!  During this pandemic, she has come to me for hugs and scratches every day.  Sort of an emotional support sheep, wouldn't you say...she's trying to tell me everything is going to be alright! 

Happy shopping and I wish you fabulous purchases!

Friday, May 1, 2020

Maryland Sheep & Wool Virtual Festival

My beloved sheep Emma and her mom

Dear blog friends ~  
have you heard?

The Maryland Sheep & Wool Festival is having a virtual marketplace all week-end long!
The marketplace will open at 8:30 am tomorrow morning and run the whole week-end.  Some of the vendors will be having special offers, and Spruce Ridge Studios will participating with a special too.  I will post the link for the vendors/marketplace early tomorrow morning and you can shop until you drop!

I am so excited for this week-end's shopping since we cannot attend the festival in person.  I will be able to shop (instead of manning my booth all day) and people from all areas of the country will be able to attend too.  It's all the buzz on Facebook!
So join me tomorrow and support all your fiber friends and neighbors!

My granddaughter, Emma, meets the sheep!  They love animal crackers and Emma loves the sheep!