Thursday, August 20, 2009

Emma is a Cover Girl!

The newest book from Rug Hooking Magazine made its debut at Sauder Village last week. Eager shoppers were able to purchase a copy at the show. For all of the folks who couldn't get to Sauder....alas, you'll have to wait until late September or early October for a copy. Imagine my delight when I saw my rug in the left and middle portion of the cover...yup, that's Emma...and she's is a cover girl!
The name of my pattern and chapter in the book is "Under The Willow" and I hooked the little "Emma" lamb with Corriedale roving and some locks from Emma's first shearing. The opening sentence for my chapter says: "This adorable wall hanging was inspired by my young Wensleydale sheep, Emma, who has been seen chasing birds across her pasture."
Yes, it's true...besides chasing dogs (poor Nokie), Emma likes to chase birds too. That girl is not afraid of anything.

And here's the celebrity girl, all grown up. She's quite a big girl, as you can see. Ken (dear hubby) likes to say that she is the size of a small pony and that's not far from the truth! She's much larger than Lumi and she's a lot stronger too. But Lumi is still the boss of the sheep pen!
Lumi hardly ever baa-ed until Emma came along. Now Emma has taught her that baa-ing brings the hay out to the feeder a lot faster, so Lumi chimes in with a loud voice at feeding time. Thanks a lot, Emma.

When we were at Michigan Fiber Festival last week-end, there were a couple of Wensleydale sheep in the sheep barn. They weren't as lovely looking as Emma. Maybe I'm a little biased...I guess I'm just a proud sheep mama!

Friday, August 7, 2009

Busy, Busy, Busy!

I can't believe that the summer is flying by so quickly! Here are some pictures of the Castle Farm Fiber Festival that took place 2 weeks ago:

Here's our booth airy and so much light! The facility was absolutely gorgeous! Lots of windows and a beautiful slate floor. The aisleways were really wide and overall, it was just a lovely show. If you couldn't make it this year, please try to come next year in 2010. You will enjoy this show so much.

Here's the outside courtyard at Castle Farm. They were setting up for a fashion show, thus the tents outside. There were also some demonstrations going on in the courtyard too, but all the vendors are inside and in air conditioning....not that we needed it this year! The temperature outside was perfect.
It is the lazy, hazy, crazy days of ... rughooking around here! I am in the midst of pattern drawing for Sauder Village and Michigan Fiber Festival, both taking place next week. You ought to see all the little scraps of strings and dust from the monks cloth and linen on my floor...then again, I'm glad you can't see it! Quite the mess!
And just to add one more thing to all of the madness, our hay is being delivered in less than 10 minutes. Go to last year's blog post to read all about it...The Hay Wagon Cometh
I'd better to get the hay in the barn before it rains!
Have a great week-end!