Thursday, February 25, 2021

Rug Of The Day - Puddle Duck

Puddle Duck
PJ Rankin-Hults design, rug hooking pattern adapted by Spruce Ridge Studios

Here is a totally adorable design that is in my pattern queue to be hooked very soon.  I have always thought that this would be really cute hanging in a nursery or in a child's bedroom and now that I have 2 grandchildren, I want to hook it!  It should be a very simple and straight-forward color plan...I think I'll stick close to the colors in Pam's artwork but I still have to figure out a background.  This pattern should be a quick hook because it is only 12" x 18".  I'm going to pull out some textures and see what speaks to me.  Sometimes I pile or stack them on my worktable and let them "stew" awhile.   By that I mean that I'll walk by and take a glance at the the pile, sometimes I rearrange the order of the colors or pull one out and add another.  It gives me time to think and plan.  This one shouldn't take too long to speak to me.

I have another pattern, too, in which I made a drawing boo-boo and instead of scrapping it or discounting it, I decided to challenge myself and hook it...I'm going to keep that sort of a mystery for now because the color plan and hooking would make a good blog stay tuned and I'll walk you through it someday soon.

You can find the Puddle Duck pattern here: