Tuesday, May 17, 2011

A few random snaps of the Maryland Sheep/Wool Fest.

Just a few random photos of the Maryland Sheep/Wool Festival.  Enjoy.

 Looking up one of the main venues.  This photo was taken on "set-up" day before the crowds came.  There is still a lot of activity going on as the vendors get settled into their spots.

  "Mr. Spruce Ridge" in front of the barn where our booth was located.

 Didn't eat anything from this place.....

Beautiful baskets in a booth in the Main Exhibition Hall.

A couple of gorgeous Wensleydale sheep in one of the animal barns.

My little lamb (black one) and her beautiful twin sister.

Our booth (it looks like there were a few things that needed to be arranged yet).


Julia said...

I love how neat your display is and your lambs are adorable.

I can't see how anyone can eat lamb meat. I just can't bring myself to eat lamb. I see their cute innocent face and I would have to be really starving before I could do it. JB

SUE said...

Yummy display! Looks like a nice weekend too. SUE

Courtney said...

Beautiful display in your booth. I love the way the wool is showcased and the little desk to take orders!
Looks like it was a great weekend!