Thursday, July 9, 2020

Rug Of The Day - Welcomed Guests

Welcomed Guests
Adapted from the artwork of Ann Willey
Hooked by Kris Miller

Here is another peaceful and calming design.  This could be a mother and daughter, or two sisters, or two friends.  Some people look at this rug and tell me that it looks like they are having a conversation but I have always viewed it as two gals who are enjoying some quiet time, feeding the birds.  No talking needed.

When I began to hook this design, I was excited about the leaves and I started with them first.  In my mind, I was sure that I was going to use a light background.  As the colors began to build and I got more objects completed, I tried to put a row or two of light values around everything to test the background.  Ugh, it really looked awful (in my humble opinion) and I realized that sometimes rugs will tell you what they want to be....and this one was telling me that it needed a dark background!  No need to try to force it or fight with it, I thought. I just had to hook what the rug wanted. You may think I am crazy but this has happened to me more than once...maybe it has happened to you too.

The sweaters that both the girls are wearing were hooked from pieces of unusual textures that I had purchased from Barb Carroll.  They were a perfect match for the patterned skirts and I always try to dress my hooked people nicely!  Hooking the skirts directionally helped the shape of the figures so that they really do look like they are seated (and no shading needed!)  I hooked the table cloth directionally too.

Hooking the fingers were the hardest part for me but I figured out that I needed to hook them individually in a #6 cut and then squeeeeeeze a very slim accent line (I call it a pop-out line) in between the rows.

Here is a link to the pattern on my website:

Wouldn't this make a great gift for that special Shero in your life?


PineNeedlePrimitives said...

Thank you Kris for explaining your reasoning for how you hooked this piece. It really helps others learn from it. Beautifully done,
Nancy from Mn

Saundra said...

I particularly love the wool used in that blue sweater. Matter of fact wish I had a sweather just like it.