Friday, July 24, 2020

Rug Of The Day - St. Nick

St. Nick
Adapted from the artwork of Lori Brechlin/Notforgotten Farm
Hooked by Cindy Goolsby

Well, here is another beauty hooked by Cindy Goolsby. Again, her rug hooking is perfection!
I have always thought that this rug needs a dark background since Santa is coming down the chimney while the world sleeps.  Notice how Cindy used a beige-like texture for Santa's beard.  It sets itself apart from Santa's mustache and hat trim without having to outline with a definition line.    I also love the way Cindy hooked the bricks in the chimney.  Besides finding the perfect "brick" red/brown textured wool, she hooked around and around the squares instead of hooking straight rows across.  This gives the bricks more substance and texture.

The most playful part of the rug is Santa's bag.  The original pattern does not have the sewn-on patch...this is something Cindy added herself...but it really adds to the feeling and character of the rug's story!  The bag is a really large area on the rug and the patch helps break that up a bit.  Plus it adds to the story that Santa has had a lot of traveling to do and his bag has seen lots of wear over the years.  I think it's a perfect accent and I wish I would have thought of it! 
Bravo, Cindy!  Another darling rug!

Here is another St. Nick, hooked by Sue Clark of Missouri.  Just a little different color plan but equally as delightful.  I love the way Sue "puddled" the bag and background.

You can find the pattern here: 

Have a great week-end!

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Saundra said...

Cindy's patch on the bag makes this whole rug even more inviting. Oh Cindy, what pressure you are putting on us to achieve such greatness. Love how she hooked it!!!!