Wednesday, July 15, 2020

Rug Of The Day - Early Bird

Early Bird
Adapted from the design of Lori Brechlin/Notforgotten Farm
Hooked by Kris Miller

Over the past week, I've been seeing a lot of fledglings and their mammas in our backyard.  I don't think I remember ever seeing that many different families at one time and it is quite amusing to watch them.  The fledglings are as big as the parent bird.  When mama finds a bug or seed in the grass, they all come rushing over to try to get the tasty morsel.  I've seen a group of crow fledglings too...they are just as big as mom but you can tell who is boss.  They usually circle around her and make quite a racket when they are competing to get her attention.  Our barn swallows have already raised one brood and lately I've seen mom and dad hanging around so they will probably have another...I love to see the fledgling swallows swoop out of their little mud nest and soar through the air!  Even for a while after they have learned to fly, they return to the nest for the night.  It is quite comical to see them crowded in that tiny nest in the evening, almost like a bunch of circus clowns that have crammed themselves into a clown car!

The bird in this rug reminds me of the fledglings I've seen, with wings flapping, waiting for a juicy worm tidbit.  The state bird for Michigan is the robin, so I decided to hook my Early Bird like a robin....however, I liked the way the turquoise blue looked with the brown textures so I added that very non-typical color to my bird.   I think it adds a nice spark to the rug.   The letters were hooked in pale blue, just like the eggs.   I had a really funky dirty pink/maroon texture that was perfect for the earthworm.

  Sometimes a rug just comes together effortlessly, and this was one of them.  It was fun to hook and it makes me happy just to look at it.

You can find Early Bird here:


Saundra said...

I agree it is such fun to see the fledglings flutter their wings as if to say "me me me". There are a few bird feeders in my yard and fun to see the babies take flights and try to perch on the stem near the feeder but veer off because they just haven't quite got their wing training yet.

Did hook this pattern up but still haven't done Over the Moon even tho all the wool is gathered for it.

Michelle said...

I love this rug and have it hanging in my office. I entered it in the MN State Fair 2 years ago and won a Blue Ribbon! Thanks for such a great pattern!