Wednesday, February 10, 2016

Rug Of The Day-Oak and Acorns

Oak & Acorns - Hooked by Karen Buchheit
Design (c) Cindi Gay, available through Spruce Ridge Studios
Monks:  $68.00
Linen:  $85.00
Dimensions:  44.5" x 25"

I have always been crazy about anything that has an oak leaf and acorn on it so I am particularly drawn to this pattern of Cindi Gay's.  I took this picture last September at the Rugs By The Sea camp in Cape May.  On Wednesday of rug camp week, the hotel pushes the furniture aside and allows the rug hookers to take over the whole front lobby with their rug show.  There are always many beautiful rugs all laid out on the old wooden floors, but it seems like this past year, there were an abundance  to "ooh and aah" over.  

I have a lengthy bucket list of rugs I want to hook, but this is close to the top of my list.  I love the simplicity of the design.  It can be hooked in many color combinations...the choices are endless!  And this pattern is large enough to be done in a wide cut, #8.5 or #9 for most of the rug, and perfect for those yummy textures you have been saving for something special.  I think I might add some antique paisley to my rug for the oak leaf veins.

I loved my Cape May class last year.  They all worked very hard and I think all their rugs were delightful!

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