Monday, February 8, 2016

Rug Of The Day - Antique Hearts

Antique Hearts - hooked by Kris Miller
Adapted from an antique rug design by Spruce Ridge Studios (c) 2011
monks:  $40.00
linen:  $50.00
dimensions:  24" x 24"

My rug was hooked with all #8.5 cut wool.  I tried to stay as true to the colors of the original rug as possible, but I also added a few strips of old paisley here and there.  I like the way the paisley blends right in and becomes a subtle part of the color plan.

I finished my edge with a single crochet stitch.  I used the same wool that was hooked around the outside border, cut into #8 strips.  I used Reversible Black Stripe (a favorite wool texture amongst many of us rug hookers!) and I didn't care which side of  the wool strip came up as I did my crochet.  Therefore, sometimes the edge looked black and sometimes it looked gray, giving it an old and faded feel. 


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elaine allerton said...

Hi kris,,, love this pattern,,, so very primitive looking,,,, great old colors,,,
Thanks for posting,,,,, elaine