Thursday, December 22, 2011

Rug of the Day - December 22nd

Since today is the first day of winter, the Rug of the Day is Cocoa & Cookies.
Deborah Holden hooked this version.  She gave the snowman a chocolate chip cookie, steam coming out of the cocoa mug, and a little red bird perched on one of the trees.  There's no snow on the ground, which is just like here in Michigan...we probably will not have a white Christmas this year.
Yvonne Meriam hooked a night sky, and it looks like this snowman will have a white Christmas!  Maybe that's why this little guy is smiling!
Good job, ladies!  The great thing about the design of this rug is that you can leave it out all winter long and not just for the Christmas season.
This is my version of Cocoa & Cookies Alphabet Sampler.  I gave my snowman a red ware cup and plate.  I really enjoyed hooking the alphabet!  I mixed up the colors of the letters just a little bit to give it some variety.

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Kim said...

It's fun to see how different people hook the same pattern. Great job.