Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Rug of the Day-December 21st

Since I told you about Emma yesterday, I thought I'd continue that theme for another day.  Here is Have Ye Any Wool:
This rug is hooked by Deborah Feldman and was another project taught at my workshop in Mississippi in 2010.  Of course, everything about this rug is terrific but I love the way Deborah added the quillie circles to the O's in "wool."  A very nice touch.
Once again, Emma was the model for the sheep standing at the bottom.  I literally took a photo of Emma and traced around her body for the pattern.  The goat was just a little sketch I drew but when I hooked my own rug, it ended up reminding me of my goat Zack.  I don't know why, because Zack is a white goat and not orange, so maybe it was the expression I put on his face (ears?  horns?). Here is my original:
The wool roving that I used to hook the sheep came from my Finn sheep Mikko, who died a couple years ago so there are many reasons why this rug is near and dear to my heart.
Here is a picture of Zack:
The picture below is kind of funny...showing Zack half shorn.  It's amazing to get all that mohair off of him and see what's below!
Don't you wish you could shed 6 to 8 pounds so easily???

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Michelle~Sugar House Creations said...

Love both of them! It almost looks like there is a face in Deborah's rug, with the quill circles being the eyes. I love your 'rugs of the day' posts. :)