Saturday, December 17, 2011

Rug of the Day-December 17th

Today's rug of the day is a perfect one for this time of year.  This is Glad Tidings, a design adapted from Lori Brechlin Folk Art by Spruce Ridge Studios. I have two hooked samples to show you and they are both wonderful.  The rug above is hooked by Leanne Sitler.  So many things to love about this rug!  The purple Santa, the unusual and spectacular background, and the way the gold lettering glows.
Dawn Walczak hooked this Glad Tidings rug.  I love her use of sheep curls for Santa's beard and the embellishment of jingle bells (hat and wreath) and gold buttons on the jacket.  And take a close look at her letters and you'll see how the G and T are hooked in a beautiful red and green Christmas plaid that matches Santa's jacket.  What a wonderful way to tie everything together! 
Nice job, Dawn and Leanne!


woollylottrugs said...

Oh wow Rug of the Day is back. I LOVE when you do this. Can't wait to see all the beautiful rugs. Merry Christmas!


Sassafras and Winterberry said...

Gosh, these posts are great!! Thanks for doing this!

Joni of Fully Wooly Primitives said...

These rugs are gorgeous - I am going to have to hook one of these.. so many to do and not enough time!

Julia said...

I love both of these rugs. I can't make up my mind which one I like the best. JB