Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Rug of the Day-December 20th

Today's rug is Emma's Garden
This rug was hooked by Linda Brown.  Her proddy sunflowers are beautiful and her little lamb looks so happy.  Linda used to raise sheep herself.
Lanna Omlor hooked Emma's Garden and her grandkids just loved it!
Aren't these pictures adorable?
In case you don't know the story about how the rug Emma's Garden came to be: Emma is my Wensleydale sheep.  She has a very distinct personality and doesn't seem to be afraid of too many things.  Whenever a bird would land close by, her curiosity would get the best of her and she'd end up chasing it across her pen until the bird flew away. 
A couple of years ago, I was going to teach a techniques workshop in Mississippi and the idea for Emma's Garden was born.  It commemorates Emma's fascination with birds.
Here is my original version:
And here is the original Emma, hamming it up for the camera!


From Sherry's Heart said...

Oh how cute is that!!! Put a smile on my face!!!

Simply Wendy said...

Aw, I love Emma! And all those rugs too!

Rugs and Pugs said...

LOVE that Emma. What a great pic of her. Thanks for sharing the story.
Hugs :)