Friday, January 29, 2016

Rug Of The Day - Midnight Clear

Midnight Clear - hooked by Kris Miller
Adapted from Lori Brechlin Folk Art by Spruce Ridge Studios (c) 2009
Monks:  $64.00
Linen:  $79.00
Dimensions: 30" x 38"
(also available in a smaller size: 24.5" x 31")

I just told someone the other day that I could hook Santa rugs 365 days of the year.  It's true!  I love the old-timey, belsnickle, old world Santas!
This was one of my all-time favorite rugs to hook.  It even appeared as an honorable mention in one of the past issues of Celebration of Hand Hooked Rugs.  It was a joy to hook and everything seemed to fall into place and work out perfectly.  Here are a few facts about my rug:

1.  I love the snowman in Santa's pocket!  I used a striped wool, cut with the stripe and hooked vertically.  I wanted it to look like Santa had tacked on a patchwork pocket just for that cute little snowman.
2.  I wanted to hook snow on the ground but didn't want it to look too white because, after all, it is supposed to be midnight.  I used a light khaki plaid which makes the best snow.
3.  The background is a dark plaid called Valentino.  It was from Heaven's To Betsy from many years ago and I am trying to get her to make it again because it is soooo fabulous!
4.  I hooked the little tabs on the sides with left over "noodles,"  alternating with red and green.  Unless you get up close, you don't see much variation but it gives the tabs a lovely glow.
5.  I had to do a little "pop-out" line around the boots to make them stand out from the background.  I'll bet you didn't notice until I pointed it out! 


elaine allerton said...

Hi kris,,, just love this santa,,,, its so great,,,,, love the patterns u have adapted from lori,,,,
Thanks for posting a mat everyday,,,,,,
Enjoying them,,,,
Elaine allerton,,,
Ps,, got ur book,,, its the best,,,,,,

acorn hollow said...

Such a sweet santa I love everything about him

Rugs and Pugs said...

I love his guy!!!