Friday, January 22, 2016

Rug Of The Day - Little Fox

Little Fox - hooked by Kris Miller
Pattern adapted from Ann Willey Designs by Spruce Ridge Studios (c) 2011
Monks cloth:  $50.00
Linen:  $64.00

The reason why I wanted to hook this rug was because I was inspired by Jamie Fox.  Well, no, not Jamie Fox, the actor....I mean Jamie Fox, the real fox.

We have a fox that has adopted us and taken up residence here on our farm.  We named it Jamie Fox.  One day, we realized that Jamie Fox was a female when she brought her kits out to play in the grass.  She has done us the favor of reducing our rodent population and she is very respectful of our livestock.  We know she lives under a pile of brush in the back of our property because last summer when my husband was mowing grass, he noticed a small opening in the pile and he could see little glowing eyes looking back at him.

The first year Jamie Fox was here, I would often see her sitting out in my goat pen.  I was alarmed at first, not knowing if she would chase or (heaven forbid) bite my goats.  I called my dad and talked to him about it.  He told me that I had nothing to worry about and then added "you know, Kris, baby foxes make good pets....but I wouldn't try to take one away from its mother."  I could hear the smile in his voice and imagined the twinkle in his eyes when he said it.  It was such a sweet conversation and one of the last lengthy talks I had with him before he passed away.  

So now I feel honored that Jamie Fox has chosen to live with us and even though she drives my dogs to distraction, I am always glad to see her.

I kept the background colors in this rug soft and muted so the fox is the star of the show.  The little owl in the tree would have disappeared if it was hooked with grays or brown so I used muted purple colors. I hooked a light yellow strip for the owl eyes and then hand-stitched a small black dot with thread in the center.  

Deb Nees hooked her version of this rug in my class in Cape May this past September.  She changed the fox to a dog.  It is a tribute to her daughter's dog Camden, and gave it to her as a gift.  I think you'll agree that it is very special!


woolwoman said...

I loved hearing your story about "Jamie" the fox living on your farm. Also so sweet about the conversation with your dad. Our parents are such gifts and as they (or we all) age - they become more and more a blessing in our lives. Cheers and best wishes - Mel

Becky B said...

Kris - I just love seeing these rugs! I am going to start my Boy Scout rug this weekend and am really looking forward to it! Talk to you soon - Becky!

Miccosukee said...

Whenever I scope out your page for patterns, my eye always stops on this pattern. It is one of my all time favorites. When I lighten up my pattern stash, he will find his way home to me.
Thanks for doing these "Rug of the Day" blog posts. I really enjoy them.

Anonymous said...

That is indeed a fun story! And communing with the goats - that must have been a bit scary. We had a fox on one of our properties some years ago and I loved seeing the little kits faces peeking out from a pile of branches. And seeing her run and the way her tail floated behind her. I have seen a fox in our area but just a glimpse. Great pattern!

Plumruncreek ♥ said...

Love the fox rug! Pretty cool!

susan hemann said...

lovely pattern!

Cheryl Reeves said...

I so enjoyed our fox family and was sad when she left.
I'm glad yours stays.