Thursday, January 21, 2016

Rug Of The Day - Daisy

Daisy - hooked by Kris Miller
Pattern adapted from Lori Brechlin Folk Art by Spruce Ridge Studios (c) 2012
Monks Cloth:  $48.00
Linen:  $62.00

Daisy is a perfect design for wide cut rug hooking and textures because the design is so simple.  Daisy has a large body area to hook so I decided to "puddle" a few areas.  I chose two textured wools that were "friends" - they shared similar colors and values - and hooked them in random yet distinct areas.  I tried to think about the old antique rugs we all love, how they have random spots that fade in and out, or discolored spots where the fabric wore a little bit.  

The original pattern does not have the word "daisy" on it, but I added it because I wanted to fill the spot beneath the donkey.  The word shows up much more distinct in the photograph.  When I look at it in person, I don't think it shows up as much.  My goal was to have the word become a subtle part of the background. 

I hooked this rug in #8.5 and #9 cuts.  Some of the daisy petals had to be hooked in a #8 cut so they would keep their shapes and not look like blobs.  I finished my rug by using some of the background wool strips to crochet around the edges.

This was another rug that I enjoyed every minute of hooking!  

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Rugs and Pugs said...

I've had this pattern for a couple years and I love it. I really must hook it soon.
Hugs :)