Saturday, January 30, 2016

Rug Of The Day - Holly & Ewe

Holly & Ewe - hooked by Kris Miller
Pattern (c) 2010 Kris Miller/Spruce Ridge Studios
Monks:  $40.00  
Linen:  $50.00
Dimensions:  20" x 27"

To continue on the theme of Santa, here is another favorite Santa rug that I have hooked.  I designed this for a workshop a few years ago and it had several different techniques for the participants to try.  They learned how to hook the eyes on Santa and the sheep - I call them "realistic primitive eyes."  Also hooking with roving (the sheep), Waldoboro style sculpting with wool strips (the holly berries), sculpting roving (pom-pom on Santa's hat) and crochet edge finish with wool strips.  It was fun to see how everyone hooked variations in their Santa project.  
Judy was one of the participants and hooked this stunning white Santa, using sheep curls for the beard.  It was a challenge to color plan and hook this rug in all pale neutrals but Judy did a great job.

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