Saturday, January 23, 2016

Rug Of The Day - Boy Scout

Designed and Hooked by Kris Miller/Spruce Ridge Studios (c)2008
Monks cloth:  $42.00
Linen: $ 52.00

A snowy rug for a snowy day.  If you are in the path of the blizzard, I hope you are staying home, keeping warm, and using your home-bound time to get some hooking done!  I embrace those types of snow often feels like an unofficial holiday!

This was a Rug Of The Day a few years ago so you may be familiar with the story.  Years ago, my husband and I were shopping at an antique market in the Adirondacks and we saw this antique rug.  I could not afford to buy the real thing so I asked the dealer if I could take a picture.  I decided I could hook the design to resemble the old rug so I chose my colors as closely to the original rug as I could.  

What do I love about this rug?  I love that the maker used all types of neutral colors to create the feeling of snow.  Calm. Tranquil.  Cozy.  Quiet.  I love that the only color in the whole rug is the red letters.  I love the bare trees.  I love the fence and the road, the cabin and the smoke.  It makes me wish I could be there, or at least I want to know who lives in the cabin.  Sometimes the simplest of designs speaks volumes.  


Saundra said...

I see the calm of the road, a rhythm of the repetitive fence posts, the warmth of the cabin and you see the snow blowing behind the cabin, but the smoke indicates a warm hearth inside. Yup, interesting to have the only color of red letters but it is a nice color which doesn't shout out.

Cheryl R said...

so love this rug. Daddy was a Scout leader back in the 60's, he so loved it.