Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Rug of the Day-January 3rd

The rug of the day was hooked by Marsha Albrecht and it is Herb Angel, a pattern adapted from Lori Brechlin folk art by Spruce Ridge Studios (c)2007
Marsha often does fun, adventurous things with her rug hooking.  When she hooked the lavender, she made little knots with her wool strips to form the buds.  She also added bees to the rug which was a very creative idea all on its own, but take a look at the detail of a bee:

It looks like she did a little sculpting (or could it be yarn?) and added some fabric and a touch of netting to the wings.  Another genius idea!  It makes the  bees look soft and very, very cool.    Brilliant technique, Marsha!


April said...

I just love this rug!! Those bees are so cute!! Great Job!!!

Sassafras and Winterberry said...

I just love seeing these different techniques. I've only been hooking for a couple of years and sometimes one can get stuck trying to "do it right". But, there are so many ways to a great rug. Thanks for sharing these creative slants!

Saundra said...

Oh Kris, I love that bee-utiful addition to the rug. Very creative.

rx2massey said...

LOVE those bees!