Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Rug of the Day-January 11th

Today's rug of the day is Tulips & Acorns, a pattern adapted from PJ Rankin-Hults folk art by Spruce Ridge Studios (c) 2005
This beautiful rug was hooked by Liz Marino, and I believe she gave it as a wedding gift.  I love Liz's jewel-toned colors which make this rug just glow.  This pattern is another one of my favorites since I am a fan of any kind of motif with an oak leaf and acorn.  The fraktur birds are so graceful in this pattern and I love the whimsy of having acorns growing on the same stem as the tulips.
And speaking of Fraktur birds....
My friend Marlene Dusbiber is a very talented woodcarver who carves the most wonderful folky creations ever!  I recently purchased some of her fraktur birds and they are sitting on my desk.  I feel inspired every time I look at them.
If you want to see some of her other pieces of work, you can go to her blog and take a peek.  She has recently done a wonderful paisley heart for Valentine's Day!

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Marlene Dusbiber said...

Kris, I was so surprised to see my birds on your blog! Thanks for the plug. Marlene