Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Rug of the Day-January 17th

For all you Halloween fans out there, today's rug is
Adapted from Lori Brechlin folk art by Spruce Ridge Studios
Pat Cross hooked this wonderful witch, whom she affectionately calls Agatha.  I love the purple hat and dress, and the sunflowers are divine! She used a real skeleton key for Agatha's necklace.
Dawn Walczak hooked this Witch. Love, love, love the light purple background!
Lauren Haisley is hiding behind her Sunflower Witch.  I taught a workshop for her group in Libertyville, IL last June and this was her project.  Lauren also used a real skeleton key for the necklace.  I believe she called her witch Wilhelmina.  All I know is that Wilhelmina has a very pretty face!
Great job and beautiful rugs, ladies!

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Orange Sink said...

Oh I've always love this pattern! Love all of these rugs!
Cathy G