Saturday, August 28, 2010

Student Rugs from Holland, MI

I just looked at the calendar and saw that it's the end of August...where has summer gone?  Although I must say that I won't be sorry to see the heat go's been so terribly hot here, like most places...but the other day, I definitely could feel the hint of fall.  I can't put my finger on it but it must be the angle of the sun, the way the crickets and frogs have been chirping lately, the color of the vegetation across the marsh, and the apples dropping off the tree behind the goat pens.  I am anxiously waiting for my favorite time of can't be too far away....
Enjoy these rugs from my students at the Holland, Michigan Rug School!
This is Sandie's rug, a great Deanne Fitzpatrick design.  Her sky is superb!
 Vicki is hooking Kissin' Wears Out, a Spruce Ridge adaptation of a Lori Brechlin design.  Vicki was doing a terrific job on this rug...note the little bow in the girl's hair!

  Sherry is hooking Ah, Tis Spring, another terrific Lori Brechlin design, adapted by Spruce Ridge Studios.  Sherry got a  LOT of hooking done at camp!

Sue was hooking Parcheesi Geometric, a Keith Kemmer design.  This was a fun rug to play with colors.  Sue preferred rust, turquoise, and golden tans.

 This is Ally's Cat, a Cindi Gay design, and being hooked by Sally.  I love her "scribbly" colors!  She was also experimenting with colored roving/yarn and quilling in the circles.

  This is Marg's rug, and one of my designs called Juanita's Roses.  Marg also got a lot of hooking done at camp...and she is also one of the luckiest people!  She won the grand prize at camp...20 half-yard pieces of wool from Tomorrow's Heirlooms!

  This is Kathy's rug.  She was using fancy yarn to enhance the rooster's tail, and her sunflowers were wonderful too.

 Janice was hooking a Cactus Needle design.  Lots of progress done at camp, and I love her bees.

This is Brave Hunter, a pattern by Barb Carroll, and it's being hooked by Jane.  She is using my favorite hues of turquoise.

My House Sampler, a Lori Brechlin design adapted by Spruce Ridge Studios, and hooked by Donna.  A lovely turquoise bird!

Dawn was hooking Glad Tidings, a Lori Brechlin design adapted by Spruce Ridge Studios.  She used sheep's locks for the Santa beard.

 Brenda was hooking a flower, designed by her...this is going to be a beauty!
I'll have a special surprise announcement and pictures tomorrow....can't wait to show you!...but please check back and see what it is!!!


Julia said...

I enjoyed looking at your students rugs in progress. They are doing a great job. JB

Alice ~ Folk Art Primitives said...

Yes, all great rugs ~ can't wait for your surprise!!!