Friday, March 5, 2010

Rug Of The Day - March 5th

Today is Fraktur Friday!  This wonderful Fraktur-inspired design is named Tulips and Acorns, another adaptation from PJ Rankin-Hults folk art.   Who would have imagined that acorns and tulips would grow on the same stem?  It's just part of the clever whimsy found in this delightful pattern!   Liz Marino from Massachusetts hooked this rug and her color choices are absolutely terrific.  The vibrant jewel tones of the birds and tulips take center stage, while the yellow ware urn plays an important "supporting role." 
(yes, that is my poke at the Oscars!)

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woolwoman said...

I have this canvas - it is nice to see how beautifully it can be done.
Thanks for showing a different canvas every day - it is so fun to see what you put up every day.