Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Rug Of The Day - March 10th

There's no place like home.  So let's celebrate that sentiment with a couple of home-style rugs!

Isn't this a beauty?  This is Harvest Goode Things (a Notforgotten Farm adaptation) hooked by Loretta Bluher-Moore. I love the red plaid used on the house and I love the pumpkins too.  Note the beauty line that wiggles around the rug between the border and the background - it's the same red plaid as the house.  It makes a nice frame and unifies everything here in this rug.
And this is my version, which you have probably recognized from last year's blog post, Diary of a RugI thought it would be interesting to compare the styles of these two rugs.
Tomorrow we'll take another journey and see what other houses we can find in our hooked-rug neighborhood!

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