Friday, March 19, 2010

Rug Of The Day - March 19th

The rug of the day today is an old friend to many of you.  He is a very dapper fellow and quite a lady's man too!  His name is Pumpkin Thyme.  This charming character is an adaptation from Lori Brechlin's folk art.
My good friend Wendy Miller hooked this version of Pumpkin Thyme.  She dressed him up with striped socks!
 Mary Nyffeler hooked this Pumpkin man.  She changed the watch to a lantern...a very cool idea.  I like the little "glow" around the lantern.
 Debbe Myers hooked this rug.  I like his red tweed trousers and matching hat band!  Did I tell you that Mr. Pumpkin Thyme was very fashionable?
This is Wendy Cockrell's rug.  Another dandy Pumpkin man! 
I think one of the most fun things about this rug is that you have the freedom to "dress" your pumpkin man in all sorts of splendid attire!


Gayle said...

So fun to see the same pattern hooked in different colors. I'm LOVING your Rug of the Day posts!

Sharon -- said...

I have thought about buying this pattern more than once. I guess every time I see it I'm spending money on something else. But I just love it. I really love the character of the pumpkin man. I collect pumpkins and I think he would be so cute with the rest of my pumpkins. I love your rug of the day posts, too. They are very inspiring. I have several rugs on my blog. I hook in the higgeldy piggeldy fashion (somewhat like Deanne Fitzpatrick) so I guess my rugs are quite a bit different than most rug hookers' rugs. But I enjoy hooking immensely and really love all the rug hooking blogs that I've found. Maybe I'll get to purchase Pumpkin Thyme sometime soon. Thanks for your great blog.

Starlight Primitives (my blog)

Joan Bollaert said...

Hi... I've hooked this pattern and I love it... so does a friend of mine who would like to purchase the pattern Pumpkin Thyme. Is it still available??? Thanks for the information.
Joan Bollaert