Saturday, March 27, 2010

Rug Of The Day - March 27

The rug for today is named The Forest Journey and it is an adaptation from PJ Rankin-Hults folk art.  I hooked this several years ago and this is another rug that practically hooked itself.  I had so much fun with color planning the animals...I definitely wanted the goat to be white (just like some of my goat-guys) and I wanted a purple bunny!  
This rug also brings back memories of ... my small close-call with fame!
See the rug in the picture?  That's me working on The Forest Journey.  I used to vend and teach a yearly mini-workshop at the Mt. Bruce Sheep and Wool Festival in Romeo, Michigan.  One year, Better Homes And Gardens sent a photographer and some models to the festival and they photographed various activities during the week-end.  They came to me and asked if I would pose in a photo shoot with my rug hooking!  I was so excited...and a little intimidated by all of the hoop-lah!  Afterward, the photographer thought my pictures just might have a shot at making the pages of the magazine article and he gave me a souvenir Polaroid photo.  Alas, my shot at fame never came to be, as we found out that the editors decided to drop the article and it was never published.  *sigh*
At least I have my little Polaroid as a remembrance.... 


Lori said...

Sorry the article never came to be Kris. It's a wonderful shot of you and your rug.

Rugs and Pugs said...

Kris ~
The photo of the rug is deceiving. It didn't look that big ~ until I saw it on your frame. I love the wavy border and the corner details. What a fun rug!
Pug hugs :)

Lori Ann C. said...

I love the purple bunny! :-)
Well . . I for one think that THEY missed out not publishing your picture OR the article at all!
Happy to see it on your blog . . it really is a beautiful photo!

Lori Abb

brenda said...

That is a cool rug! You look great in the polaroid -- they should've done the article! {I like the purple bunny too!}