Tuesday, June 23, 2020

Rug Of The Day - Pumpkin Thyme

Pumpkin Thyme
Adapted from the artwork of Lori Brechlin/Noforgotten Farm
Hooked by Wendy Miller

Mr. Pumpkin Thyme is quite the sophisticated gent, all dressed up in his top hat and his best jacket and pants.  He must be on his way to a special occasion because he has brought his pocket watch along to keep his eye on the time.  He doesn't like to be late!

Mr. Pumpkin Thyme is loved very much by a lot of rug hookers because I've seen many versions of him.  He speaks to our heart with his big round head and skinny little arms.  What's not to fall in love with this cute little fellow?  

Wendy's rug was a winner one year in the Celebration of Hand-Hooked Rugs magazine, published by Rug Hooking Magazine.  She allowed me to take him to shows so that people who wanted to buy the pattern could see him hooked up.  It really helps to have a visual!  If we were vending at a multiple-day event, I was very nervous about leaving him hanging in our booth at night when we weren't there.  So Mr. Pumpkin Thyme would be taken down off of our rug display when we were done for the day and personally carried by me back to our hotel room.

Eventually, Wendy kindly told me that I could keep him.  I was over the moon!  No one had ever gifted me a hooked rug before and I felt like I received an Academy Award!

Mr. Pumpkin Thyme has retired from his traveling job as a sample rug and he now hangs in my office where we visit each and every day.  He is pretty good at giving me kind and gentle advice.

You can buy the pattern here:


Saundra said...

Lucky you and it is a beauty!

ChristyH said...

I love this one! I will have to get it someday. Your book and Wendy's books are my favorite rug hooking books. I love the primitive style. Where are Wendy's patterns? I wanted to try a few and I can't find them anywhere.

kcmrugs@gmail.com said...

My comment is similar to Christy’s. What happened to Wendy Miller? She was big in the hooking community and then seemed to disappear?

Kris Miller said...

I believe Wendy Miller is no longer in the rug hooking business.

woolwoman said...

what a wonderful memorable gift Kris ! I hooked Merry Halloween and she is one of my favorite finishes. I have so much enjoyed reading your written word and hearing the stories of the rugs and seeing the finishes. take care mel