Friday, June 19, 2020

Rug Of The Day-Over The Moon

Hello Blog Friends!

I'm back and so is Rug Of The Day!  I did Rug Of The Day several years ago and recently thought that now is the time to bring it back.  This is a personal challenge for me to get back to blogging on a daily basis (or nearly daily) and also a way to show you a sampling of hooked versions of the lovely patterns that are on my website.  Since a lot of us are just staying at home, this will be your eye candy for the day...or maybe you are looking for a new pattern to hook and this will inspire you.  I will also add a few little anecdotes and maybe a few things for sale too.

Over The Moon

This is adapted from a PJ Rankin-Hults design and hooked by me.  I naturally fell in love with this pattern because I have been a dog lover my entire life.  I hooked the dog to resemble my beloved lab, Jack.  He did not have spots (I liked putting them in there anyway) but he did wear a green collar.  He crossed over the rainbow bridge last year but I hooked this before he did, so I think it's a nice tribute to my Jack.
Since the dog was hooked in gold, I didn't want to repeat it again in the moon, so I made the moon blue.  
Which reminds me of Blue Moon ice of my favorites when I can find it.  Have you ever tried it?

This sweet version was hooked by Deb Nees.  She hooked it to give to her daughter who has a dog named Jet.  I love how Deb added a border (with quillies in the corners!) and personalized it with Jet's name.  A much loved gift, for sure!

This is D'Awn Lowe's version.  She hooked it to give to her granddaughter.  I love the purple sky, which D'Awn tells me is more fitting for the nursery. Another much loved gift!

This is a fun piece to hook and it hooks up quickly because it is not too big!  I used mostly #8.5 cuts and a some #8 cuts for outlining, etc.  I have this pattern available on my website here:

I also have one kit available in the same colors that I hooked my mat.  To purchase, go to "Kits" and look for Over The Moon.  


Saundra said...

Am so very happy you are back to blogging. This is my preferred way to visit my favorite places. Far better than scrolling thru Facebook. If I didn't already have the pattern and wool for the design I'd be ordering it now.

Rugs and Pugs said...

What a fun rug!
Welcome back to blogland :)