Sunday, June 21, 2020

Rug Of The Day - Emma's Garden

I chose Emma's Garden for my Rug Of The Day post because there is a little story behind it that connects it to Father's Day.

I once owned a sheep named Emma.  You might remember me talking about her from older blog posts.  She was a Wensleydale, which is a breed that comes from England but is being bred here in the United States too.  She had a big personality, not afraid of anything, and quite the attitude too.  She was my inspiration for the Emma's Garden rug and many of my other designs.
Here is Emma and her mom.
My friend (and Emma's breeder) Neil, carrying her out to our truck when we brought her home.
Look at that face!  And gorgeous curls!
What an attitude!  We were trying to get her out of the pen to have her fleece sheared and she had a temper tantrum.  She would buck up in the air and then flop down on her back with her legs up in the air!

I designed Emma's Garden for a technique class where we learned to proddy the flowers and hook roving and sheep curls. Each participant got a small amount of Emma's curls to hook around the sheep face.  Emma used to chase the birds that landed in her pen so that was the inspiration for the bird perched up in the sunflowers.
Here is another sample of Emma's Garden, hooked by Linda Brown.  Isn't it wonderful?

So now I must explain how this is connected to Father's Day... I am a grandma now and my son named his daughter Emma.  At nine months old, her personality is already starting to shine.  She is funny, sweet, and loves animals.  
Here is Emma and her Grammy feeding the sheep animal crackers. 

You can find the Emma's Garden pattern here:
The flower petals are drawn on the pattern so if you don't want to do proddy for the sunflowers, you can just hook the petals as you normally would do.  If you make proddy petals, you would ignore the drawn petals.

Happy Father's Day to my son (his first one!) and all the Dads out there!


NMK said...

What a sweet story & memory !!! Enjoy Emma , it is just amazing to watch a little one grow & discover new things, the Best gift of all !

Saundra said...

Sweet story and don't think I ever heard that one told at rug camp.