Thursday, December 15, 2016

The Twelve Days of Christmas Rugs - Day 3's really cold outside today...let's have some Cocoa and Cookies!
A Notforgotten Farm adaptation by Spruce Ridge Studios
Hooked by Kris Miller

This is another rug that was so much fun to hook.  I believe it was the first rug I had ever hooked a lot of letters or script.  Since the plaid background has a teeny reddish purple line in it, I hooked the letters in similar colors.  I mixed up the colors just a bit so it gave variety and interest to the whole rug.  Just like the Midnight Clear rug, I used a taupe/cream plaid for the ground so it looks like dirty snow.  I gave the snowman a red ware plate and cup but I know some people have hooked the plate like a cookie instead, and I think that is a cute idea.  
What makes me smile is the cute little chin on the many snowmen actually have a chin???  Charming!!!
Oops!  If you look closely enough, you will see I haven't done a binding on this rug yet.   I hooked this years ago and couldn't decide on how to finish the edges.  I think I will crochet around the edges with matching wool strips and call it good.  A perfect "cold weather" project to do before the end of the year!

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village folk art said...

I love it. I actually have one of Lori's note cards with this design. I change out the cards with Halloween and Thanksgiving designs using the same frame. Great job and great designs.

Enjoy the day with much Peace for all,