Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Have Ye Any Wool Workshop

This is my finished rug "Have Ye Any Wool." If you remember from a couple of posts ago, I was frantically trying to finish my rug before I left for Mississippi to teach the workshop at P Is For Primitive. Well, I'm happy to say that I managed to get it done the night before I left. Maybe I just work better under pressure! I added the little hit-or-miss corners at the last minute. They weren't drawn on the pattern but I think I like the way it turned out...adds a little extra color up at the top of the rug and gives your eye a place to rest up there.

Here's the orange goat with quilling circles. Even though I used a texture for the body, the little circles just added a little more dimension and interest to the goat. The horns were hooked as a single piece of #8.5 cut. I am pleased with the way they turned out.
I hooked my sheep with roving. It is very special roving because it is from my beloved sheep Mikko, whom we lost almost 2 years ago. His wool was more of an oatmeal color and I love the way this little tribute to him turned out (If you want to read about Mikko, check out my blog post...but beware! it still brings tears to my eyes to read it).
OK! On to a more festive subject....the workshop! Here are a couple of pictures of the happy hookers. I love these next two pictures because it shows all the flurry of activity and all the creative hands busy at work!

This is Mary and Abby, just two of the happiest gals you'd ever want to meet.

This is Deb. She did more hooking and just a little less talking than everyone else...and it shows! Look at how much hooking she got done!

Brenna was adding quilling circles to her sheep.

Candi had just completed hooking her "old goat."

Chris gave her sheep a blue-gray face, and while it is a little hard to see by the picture, it was looking absolutely terrific!

Deborah had gotten some of her letters hooked in. Her letter-hooking was very neat and tidy! Also love the yellow-gold star.

Great progress by Ginger!

Jane had also gotten quite a bit hooked before she had to leave.

Don't you absolutely love the happy little face on Linda's sheep?

I love Windie's gray goat....and don't let Windie fool you....this was probably the only minute that she had a straight face! There was a lot of laughter coming from her corner of the room!
Patricia was hooking Emma's Garden. She is fairly new to rug hooking but you'd never be able to guess that from her rug! She was really rolling along and got a lot done!

Margaret chose to hook Lion and Lamb. She did quilling on her little sheep and the lion's mane was coming along beautifully.

Carol was hooking Home Sweet Home. She did quilling in the inside of the "O" in Home.

And finally, Sue was hooking Merry Christmastime. This is one terrific rug. Don't you love the candy cane "C"???
Thank you to Lisanne Miller at P Is For Primitive and all the workshop participants! It was a wonderful and productive week!


Rugs and Pugs said...

Kris ~
Thank you for sharing all the wonderful rugs. I love seeing what others are hooking.
Your rug is gorgeous!
Pug hugs :)

Lori said...

Kris, your rug turned out just wonderful and I'm sure even more fabulous in person! I enjoyed seeing your class pictures and the progress made.

Deb said...

Oh, I love looking at all the rugs in progress! It just looks like so much fun and it seems that everyone got a fair amount done! Your rug turned out wonderfully. Just looking at your pictures and reading about everything makes me understand everything a little bit better!

woolwoman said...

Kris - looks like another wonderful workshop at P is for Prim - I would LOVE to visit this shop - i even looked it up on mapquest last year to see how far it is from Florida - WHEEEE - quite a ways - one can always dream! Melody

Alice ~ Folk Art Primitives said...

Kris ~ I love your new pattern and how all the rugs were coming along! Those gals got a lot done! Quilling or cats' paws are the theme of a lot of blogs lately ~ funny!!! I agree that it adds a lot to a rug

Anonymous said...

很用心的blog,推推哦 ........................................

debra said...

You finished it! I always work better with a deadline. I really like the hit and miss in the corners--and everything else about this rug. Got to put it on my future rug list.

Cindi Gay said...

Your quilling was an inspiration to several of my students this week. Several are trying it.

Anonymous said...

HOw great to see all these beautiful rugs in progress. They are all incredible. I love you rug! ☺