Monday, March 17, 2008

Spring Messenger!!!

This evening I went out to feed the goats and sheep....the wind was cold and blustery. My eyes watered from the chilly air and I pulled my hood closer around my face. I'm sure I was grumbling because I had to wear my winter gloves out to the barn. This is the middle of March, for gosh sakes, why does it feel like November? I got to the gate with an armload of hay and looked out beyond the goat pens...........

Far beyond the fencing, three little birds were jumping and bobbing along in the bare brown grass....then there were five...then there were seven.....then twelve.....
they advanced in a group like a bunch of little soldiers, bobbing closer and closer until my watery eyes could make out that familiar orange breast....
Spring's messengers, marching toward me in the dusky evening! My heart literally jumped for joy! I couldn't help but smile to myself. Spring is just around the corner now...the army of robins have saved the day! By the time I had filled the last hay feeder, the robins had reached the fence line of the goat pen. Hurray!!!
The rug I have posted above is called Spring Messenger, an adaptation of a Lori Brechlin/Notforgotten Farm note card and available on my website I love this little rug and I hooked the bird as a robin since it is our state bird, however I imagine you could hook your favorite bird instead (for instance, a Bluebird would look equally as nice). One of my favorite parts to hook was the nest with its tender light blue eggs. The background is a light yellow overdye that I call "Kate's Butter Yellow". It is the perfect background for a spring you the feeling of warm soft sunlight! Isn't that what we need right now?
Happy Spring!

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