Tuesday, March 4, 2008

Did You Know???

Did you enjoy a cup of coffee this morning? If you did, you can thank a goat!!!!
(this is Bryce, my gentle angora goat)
According to a popular legend, a young goatherder in Ethiopia was supposed to be tending his goats but the goats wandered away from his watchful eye. After a frantic search, he discovered them frolicking and dancing on their hind legs. He noticed that some of the goats were eating a red berry from nearby plants. Being curious, the little goatherder ate some of the berries himself and soon found he had renewed energy and joined in on the dancing! The ripe berries were coffee beans and the rest is history!
I can't live without my morning coffee....no wonder I love goats so much!
Now you have a little "goat trivia" to dazzle your family and friends!

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