Saturday, November 8, 2014

Old Tom

After I posted on Monday about Old Tom, I started hooking my own!

I decided to make a few "rules" for myself as I was gathering my wool.  I was only going to use scraps of wool that I had laying around.  Not necessarily from  my worm pile, but I wanted to use up some of my 3-6" pieces that have been accumulating, left over from other recent rugs.  I dug around and it seems I have a lot of those!  I wanted my turkey to have a bluish gray head, just like the real ones I've seen in our yard. I found a scrap of gray/brown pebbly wool that would work perfect for the tail feathers, so that was a "must" to use, too.  I'm using reversible black stripe for the background-it was the only wool I used that wasn't a scrap.

I can only hook about 2-3 hours at a time before my finger starts getting sore and achy.  I've only hooked on Old Tom for about 8 hours so this is a real quick and easy mat to work on.  I think I may ask my hand therapist if I can get a split to wear so I can hook a little longer!

The only thing I would change is that dark red strip at the top of the wing.  It didn't stand out so much in person but the photo makes it look a little out of place.


Farm Girl said...

That is just beautiful! I love that pattern. You do such beautiful hooking.

HomeSpunPrims said...

I like your Tom rug Kris! I'm glad you are still able to hook. Lori

Lori from Notforgotten Farm said...

your Tom is a handsome fellow indeed!!!!

Marlene said...

Your Tom looks great. The red at the top does stand out but it blends in well color wise. I think it helps to define the top of the wing, love the colors you choose. :)

Rugs and Pugs said...

WOW! I love all your wool choices. He is wonderful.
I hooked the "chicken challenge rug" using only worms but like you had to cut from small pieces of wool for the background. I need to do that more often :)
I'm happy you are able to hook but to me, 2-3 hours is a LONG time.
Hugs :)

Jennifer said...

Oh he's just lovely!!! I love turkey themed-items of every kind.

woolwoman said...

Love your scrappy turkey - looking really great and your new prim acquisitions are neat. Hope you had a successful show too !

Maria said...