Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Learn To Rug Hook This Summer!

I love the Michigan Fiber Festival.  I have gone to it for many years as a shopper, being a knitter, spinner, and a plain old fiber nut.  I love visiting the sheep and seeing the Angora goat show and just being in the creative vibes with all of that wool and all those textures and colors.  Now it's equally as fun for me being a vendor because I get to immerse myself for 3 days in all that wooly happiness.  I get 3 glorious days to talk about rug hooking all day to anyone and everyone I meet.
Now I get to share my knowledge with you too!
Last year, I had many people visit my booth and I would hear :

"I've always wanted to do this"
"My mother (aunt, grandma) used to do this and I wish I knew how"
"I'd like to buy a kit but I need some lessons"

Well, now is your chance!

I will be teaching a beginning rug hooking class at the Michigan Fiber Festival on Friday, August 17, 2012.  It is an all-day class from 9 am to 4 pm.  You will have the opportunity to learn the art of rug hooking from me...and it's not only for beginners but if you need a refresher, this would be a great class for you!  And if you sign up for the workshop before July 1st, you will save $5.00 off the workshop fee.
Click here for the Festival Workshop Schedule.  You can register on-line or print off a mailable form. 
If you need anything more to tempt you...admission to the Festival is free on Friday with a limited amount of vendors open to sell their you could shop during lunch or following my workshop and beat the crowds on Saturday!
Correction!  I just received my Fiberline magazine and it lists a $3.00 admission fee on Friday (includes parking)...however this is still less than the $5.00 admission fee for Saturday or Sunday!

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Debbie said...

I may have already left a message in reply to this posting, but got caught up in "forgot my password" for Google so had to redo it and don't see my comment posted. Just wanted to say that I just signed up for your workshop and am looking forward to it!