Saturday, April 16, 2011

Happy Wool Day!

Today is rainy and gray so I am spending the entire day in my studio, straightening up my wool supply.  It REALLY needs some reorganization!  So I am restocking shelves, and to make room for new wool textures, I am pulling out the "old" wool that I want to sell at my tent sale in June (there will be plenty!).  I never thought in my whole life that I would have THIS much wool...seriously!  My collection is not epic, like Barb Carroll's wool stash, but let's just say that I'm moving my office upstairs so I will have a larger space to put out more wool.  I have completely run out of room.
Things could get lost in all that wool.....
Ummm....OK,'re not really blending in....I can see you......
Hope your week-end is a cozy one and you get to play with some wool!


Sue said...

Looks heavenly to me! I really need to call you and set up a time to come down and see some of your wool.
Also, do you teach rug hooking classes? I would love to learn.


Anonymous said...

I'm debating what cupboard to fill with wool next! One is full to the brim.... Cats & wool; it's a natural combination, isn't it?