Saturday, July 3, 2010

Manistee Rug School

Here is a group picture of my class in Manistee:
 A really terrific bunch of gals...we all had so much fun!
I definitely won the prize for bringing the most wool!
During my stay in Manistee, I was also very lucky to be able to visit the studio of Evelyn Sorenson.  She is a 95 year old fiber artist who creates the most beautiful tapestries that you have ever seen.  She works them in her own special technique; the backgrounds are loosely woven mohair yarns and the embellishments are embroidered on the woven yarns with more mohair.  Most of the tapestries are quite large.  I'm sure you will agree that they are absolutely incredible (Buckle your seat belt, I took lots of pictures):

It's hard to pick a favorite but I think the last one might be the one I like the best.  Which is your favorite?
A heartfelt thanks to all of you who wrote such warm and touching words of sympathy about Nokie.  I still expect to see her when I look out the window.  She will always be in my heart.


Lori from Notforgotten Farm said...

your class looks like it was much fun..and all of that WOOL!!! :)

the tapestries are beautiful...what technique is that again? ~ and yes, so sorry about your beloved pup...she had a beautiful family that loved her!!

Blessed be,

April DeConick said...

Outstanding embroideries. Thanks for posting pics of them!

Sheila said...

Oh Kris so happy the puppy found a wonderful to take care of it.

Thanks for posting the amazing technique. They are stunning!
Adding this technique to your talents?