Monday, May 3, 2010

I Broke A Promise To My Husband (but it's alright!)

True Confessions.
I am addicted to primitive cabinets and cupboards. 
I collect them.  
I am obsessed with them. 
And Sunday I broke a promise that I made to my husband three years ago this month.
 Three years ago, I was in Ligonier, Pennsylvania taking a rug hooking workshop with Barb Carroll.  After class, we rushed out to our cars and drove to the downtown area to shop until the stores close at 5 pm.  I happened to go into a little store that was going out of business....and there was a gorgeous chippy cabinet with faded old turquoise paint sitting right in the middle of the shop.  The price was slashed because they didn't want to have to move I told the shop owner that if it would fit in the back of my Honda, then it was coming home with me....guess what?  It fit!
Panic set in as I was driving closer to would I explain yet another cabinet purchase to my husband? was a good price, original paint, I could use it to store wool (oops! used that excuse many times over!)....
So when he saw it (and had to drag it out of my car), I made a promise to him that it would be THE VERY LAST cabinet that I ever brought home.  
That was it.
No more.
(My grand chippy turquoise cabinet)
Now, fast forward this story to January 2010, the day we went to the fiber mill and to the antique mall on January 3rd. I saw a beautiful old Swedish-inspired cabinet there at that antique mall.  It was really too much money, but I couldn't get the vision of it out of my head.  We went back there again on February 28th and the cabinet was still there.  Oh how I wanted that cabinet!  But I made a promise!
Sunday Ken and I went back up to Frankenmuth to pick up my last run of roving.  We stopped at the same antique mall....the cabinet was gone!  My heart sank.  I guess it wasn't meant to be, I thought.  As we were leaving, I asked the man at the desk "you used to have a cabinet in the far room, did you sell it?"  
He replied "What color was it?"
"Well, it was blue."
He looked at me funny and led me to a back storage room....and lo and behold, there was my dream cabinet!  "I've been wanting to get this thing out of here for some time," he said, "I can ask the dealer to give you a good price."
15 minutes later we were loading my dream cabinet into my car!
She's gorgeous, isn't she?  Sort of Swedish inspired colors of old soft blue with yellow trim.
And soft delicate roses!  I'm not a girlie-flower type of person but these roses just melt my heart!
Ken has forgiven me of my broken promise.  What a great guy!  
I'd just better not drag home any more cabinets....


Anonymous said...

Learning makes a good man better and ill man worse...................................................

Kim said...

Great story! Sometimes you just have to give in to temptation. The cabinet is gorgeous, by the way.

Mouse Droppings Folk Art said...

I totally empathize with you...I did the same thing a couple of weeks ago...Susan

Cathy G. said...

I think we must be kindred spirits! I never could resist an antique cupboard! LOL Now years later after being out of the antique business for a few years I am glad I have all my cupboards. All the wool I've collected has a place to call home! I love your new blue cupboard! Cathy G ( Your hubby and mine could share a few unloading vehicle stories :O)

Deb said...

I think that the cupboard is beautiful. Promises are made to be broken, aren't they? Definitely was worth it in this case!! I think that it was meant to be yours.

woolwoman said...

Love your new acquistion Kris - Recently our local prim and quilt shop "the Olde Green Cupboard" closed their doors after 11 years - it was heartbreaking for everyone but I got another great cabinet for my wool room. I'll show a photo sometime soon.

Simply Wendy said...

Oh gosh, if you get tired of either one they can find their way to my house!!

Lori Ann Corelis said...

This is sooo funny because I too id pretty much the same thing! (except I haven't made that promise yet! best I just don't ha ha)
I saw a cupboard that kept calling to me in my sleep for weeks! We finally called and went back and now I'm totally re-doing my studio around it!
Kind of a snowball effect!
Both of those cupboards are beautiful!! you are right . . the painting is so pretty!
Enjoy it!!
And keep looking for more!
Lori Ann

Rugs and Pugs said...

Kris ~
Beautiful cupboards. Antique cupboards are a weakness of mine.
I know you will find much enjoyment in it!
Pug hugs :)

The Eveningstitcher said...

Kris...Never make a promise like that!! I passed up a beautiful, primitive pie safe (from 1800s) last weekend at an antique show, all because my husband said NO...I wish I would have left him at home! Besides...I didn't even ask dare him stick his undecorative nose in my business! I have been pouting ever since! I am going back next month, with HIS pickup truck and praying that the cupboard is still there!

Anonymous said...
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Got3BagsWool said...

Love the story...I love cabinets and have room for no more and I keep buying blanket chests....last summer while back in Ohio staying at our camper I found a wonderful HUGE antique one at Goodwill and I just had to have hubby was with me and it was such a good deal he knew I couldn't say no...our van broke down so the blanket chest had to say in our 5th wheel the entire summer until we bought a Yukon in October....he lovingly calls the chest my casket...because it is big enough that I could be buried in it!

Amanda said...

Where are you putting these cabinets????

Anonymous said...
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Anonymous said...
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