Saturday, May 29, 2010

Being Away And Being Missed

I think I have only been home for one whole day in the past two weeks. As I pulled into the driveway on Friday afternoon, I was greeted by this  anxious little face....
Emma has missed me terribly!  Now she stands close to my side and buries her face under my arms when I bend down to pet her.  I am taking full advantage of all this "sheep loving!"
 Here she is, modeling her newly shorn self.  I always forget how big and floppy her ears are until her fleece is gone.  Lumi also got sheared but was not interested in taking part of my photo shoot.
I've just gotten back from nearly a week in Tyler Texas, teaching at the Star of Texas Rug Camp.  Oh, my!  What a wonderful week it was!  I do highly recommend this rug camp...such a relaxed and comfortable atmosphere!
This is my class.  I couldn't have asked for a more terrific bunch of ladies!  I adore them all, and admire their hooking talents.  Everything was about as perfect as I could have ever imagined!
I'll be sharing more pictures soon.  The rugs at this camp were fabulous!

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