Friday, January 29, 2010

Just Part of the Flock

Just 2 more days and I'll be on my way to Mississippi! Yikes! I'm STILL hooking on my sample rug but I think I can see light at the end of the tunnel (so I'd better not spend too much time on my blog and get back to work). I worked up this little sheep pillow as a sample for the same class so the students can see what it would be like to use some quilling on their little sheep.

Besides the quilling, I used beading around the border of the pillow. Isn't she sweet? I was having trouble sketching a sheep, so I used a photograph of Emma to draw the body...this is really and truly Emma, personified on my pillow!

Maria Barton has also begun to hook a sheep mat and incorporate quilling. Check out her blog here. I think it's really interesting to compare our individual styles. We each have our own "look". I can spot Maria's hooking style from a mile away.... I love her primitive palate and I'm a HUGE fan of her style and designs. She makes everything look so whimsical and yummy!
Back to my hooking....I'm working with roving....more about this later!
See y'all when I get back!


Gayle said...

AWESOME technique! How do you attach the coils to the foundation fabric?

katie said...

Yes how do you attach the coils to the foundation.
I love the look and want to try it soon.
I think it would make great penny flowers.

Rugs and Pugs said...

Kris ~
Love the sheep and the quills look great!
Can you show us a picture of the background wool uncut? I really like it but cannot visualize what plaid {?} it might be. Thanks!
Have a great time in ole Miss.
Pug hugs :)

Alice ~ Folk Art Primitives said...

Kris ~ how cute is that little sheep rug!!!! Those girls are going to love this class ~ have fun!!!

Lori said...

Love your sheep pillow. It's just so sweet and those quills sure add a nice touch.

I love Maria's designs also and it is fun to see how you both use some of the same techniques in your rugs.

Maria said...

Kris, Can't wait to hear how the girls enjoy your class. The sheep pillow is so sweet! Am anxious to see the other rug when it is completed....hint, hint! Your quilling looks great. The swirls look almost real! Great colors. Maria