Monday, January 4, 2010

Did I break a New Year's resolution ALREADY?!?

Happy New Year! I've been reading other blogger's entries and de-cluttering seems to be a common theme amongst most of us in this young new year. There are times that I feel like such a pack rat and I decided that it would do me good to re-organize and de-clutter a little. Yes, that's what my resolution should be ...and throw out or give away all that stuff that just sits around and doesn't get used like it should. And really be selective about what I drag back home....
Yesterday, Ken and I headed up to Frankenmuth, Michigan to take some lovely Corriedale fleece to the woolen mill for processing. It's about an hour's drive so we always try to do some other fun things along the way. After dropping off the fleece, we headed to Zehnder's for lunch. They are famous for their fried chicken dinners, but the best kept secret is downstairs from the restaurant where they have a bakery and cafeteria. I love to order their Michigan Cherry Salad with chicken. It's like THE perfect "woman food" me, it is THAT delicious. You'll be dreaming for more.
Then we passed an antique store that I hadn't really noticed before, so we decided to stop and take a peek.....
and I found this:

Gorgeous old bent rug hook. This baby looks really old. I had to have it. Justification: I collect rug hooking stuff. It wasn't too expensive. It's not big at all, and it can fit in a drawer.

Cute tiny little children's book. I have to have it. Justification: I collect sheep stuff, don't I? It was pretty cheap and it's small. Won't take up too much room on a shelf.

Old cast iron holly candle stick holders. I have to have them because they were 1/2 off! Justification: They will look great with red candles next Christmas. They aren't big. And they were 1/2 off.

Marvelous grungy galvanized box with two handles. I have to have it. Justification: It was super-cheap. I love how unusual it is. Maybe I can put something in it. Maybe I can use it to display something when I vend at a show.....

Yikes! Be still my heart!! A vintage shoping cart with wire baskets (OK, it came with just one but I have plenty of other wire baskets that will fit perfectly). Yeah, it's what? I have to have it!!! Justification: I've been looking for one of these babies for a while. Sure, the wheels are missing but do I really need them? Maybe I can find replacement wheels? Maybe I can use this to put stuff in when I vend at shows!!! It was really, really inexpensive! It folds up so it won't take up too much room to store it.
Darn! There goes my de-clutter New Year's Resolution, right out the window!
After the antique store, we did make another stop at Pottery Barn Outlet. I was a very responsible shopper there. Look what I got:

Lovely rattan baskets that fit perfectly on my desk. I cleaned up my odds and ends and stored them in the baskets. That would be my start for de-cluttering.
Maybe I'd better stick to my resolution of binding all of my hooked rugs that have their edges "temporarily" pinned in place....


Cathy G. said...

I LOVE all the stuff you bought Kris! Sounds like you made sound decisions as you already knew what you were going to do with it! And besides, you helped out your local economy! Great job! Cathy G

Alice ~ Folk Art Primitives said...

Oh, Kris! I love each one of your new finds!! Especially the hook and the yellow cart!!! Resolutions are so hard ~ maybe you can get rid of something for each of the new things you brought in ~ that might make you feel better!! Happy 2010 to you and Ken!

Rugs and Pugs said...

Kris ~
I just LOVE the way you think!!!
Pug hugs :)

aprilmecheelesdulllife said...

Kris, You got some Great Stuff !!!!
You did get those baskets to organize... You did good girl !!

moosecraft said...

Oh what wonderful finds!!! And, all of them had a use before you bought them! Perfectly fine justifiable purchases! I'm a container-aholic, so that galvanized bin would have hopped in my car too! LOL! LOVE that shopping cart! I was so excited I did not even notice the wheels were missing! LOL! Would look great with wool overflowing it as a display at a show... or even some greens and ornies to display at Christmastime in your home... WOW! Great STUFF!

QuiltingFitzy said...

I can't stay away from Bronner's no matter what the season. Oh, and some Zenders chicken...making my mouth water! I love Frankenmuth!

Just think of your day as a -1, +1 and move on. 8^)

Kim said...

Oh, you are too funny. We would get along great. I can find (or make up ) and justification to buy stuff!!
But they were all cool finds!

Deb said...

I just love how you justify all your purchases! LOL And I love everything that you picked up! I've had that Chicken Salad at Frankenmuth, and it's worth the drive up there!

Maria said...

You are too much Kris! LOL....great finds! Some of those pieces will look fantastic for shows. I have to admit that I chuckled when I saw your nice neat wool! You can only guess what my wool stash looks like. Happy New Year to you. Maria

Cotton Eyed Jo said...

You don't have to justify any of those finds! Perfecto!

I just zoned in on the wonderful wool storage on the wall behind the cart!!! Is that really the way you do it? How does it stay there so perfectly?

I'm trying to figure out any kind of storage for my wool that approaches organization, yours just blows my mind. We must first see the possibilities to believe in change. Jo

bittersweet said...

Kris, you are perfect with your justifications, and all you finds are the best. And you really can use them for shows, really love the galvanized piece what a great piece to "organize" stuff in. Good thinking.

woolwoman said...

what wonderful bargains at the antique store you happened upon - sounds like a fun day and man I wish I had some of that cherry chicken salad - I must get to Michigan one day - but not with all that white stuff around - LOL

The Eveningstitcher said... "declutter" like I "declutter...LOL!! I love the baskets and everything else you found! Fits quite nicely into your shop I'm sure!