Sunday, June 21, 2009

Sweet Home Alabama-Part Two

As promised, here are a few more pictures of rugs in progress at the 2009 Wool Sisters Camp. Our theme was "It's Fall, Y'all." So you'll notice that there were a lot of Halloween themes as well as fall.

Nancy is working on one of her own designs which included pumpkins, a spider, a ghost, gravestone (of Elvis), a flying monkey, and a really cool witch on a broom. She used gray sheep's fleece for the witch's hair which made the witch look....witchy!!

Sue was hooking Pumpkin Thyme, a Notforgotten Farm adaptation. I love his striped pants! We thought he looked very dapper.

Libby is hooking Oh My!, another Notforgotten Farm adaptation. The photo is a little dark but the cat is wearing a marvelous purple hat.
Kathy designed her own rug which is a tribute to her cat Punkin. Her hooked pumpkin was turning out wonderful and I can't wait to see how her cat turns out.
Ginger is hooking Give Ye Thanks, a Notforgotten Farm adaptation. Her cabin is turning out great, don't you think?

Charlotte is hooking "The Witch Is In" which I believe is a rug that she designed herself. She was using some great embellishments with craft cord such as sparkly shoe laces. If you look closely in the upper left hand corner, you can see her spooky looks like it has glowing eyes!!! The witch's hat is terrific too.
We're not done yet!
I still have more photos which I hope to post again very soon!


Alice ~ Folk Art Primitives said...

Love that witches hat! They are really all great rugs!! And such a nice tribute to your dad ~ looks like quite a guy!!

woolwoman said...

This workshop looked like SO much fun - Wish you had told where in Alabama it was held? maybe next post you will say. I love the NFF canvases that you offer at SRS - they are awesome and I have Merrie Halloween in progress now and several more waiting in the wings. Hope you are your husband are coming to the Biennial this year? I had a good time shopping in your booth in New Orleans. People are still coveting my beautiful wood products I got from your boutique. Thanks melody