Thursday, July 2, 2009

Me and Jack

I've just gotten back from visiting my family down in Nashville, Tennessee and Cadiz, Kentucky. I had so much fun and we kept so busy that I hardly took any photos at all! We did lots of sight-seeing, eating out, and shopping!
The handsome man on the left is my son, Kevin. I'm on the right and the guy in the middle is THE famous Jack Daniels! We all took a tour of the Jack Daniels distillery in Lynchburg. I'm not a whiskey drinker but the tour was fabulous and I have a new appreciation for the making of whiskey. And even though it's known as a "Tennessee sipping whiskey", our tour guide "Miss Bettie" told us that she substitutes equal parts of Jack Daniels whiskey for vanilla in all her recipes and you can't tell the difference.

Here are a few photos of the Carter House in Franklin, TN. My son is interested in Civil War stuff so we walked around the grounds of Carter House where the Battle of Franklin took place.
Above is the farm office of the Carter House. There are over 200 bullet holes in the side of the building. Some of them went straight through the building and you can see the exit holes on the other side.
Above is the back wall of the smoke house at the Carter House. Again, so much bullet damage from the battle!
We found this particularly fascinating...if you look up toward the top of the wall, you can see where a cannon ball tore into the house! The hole was patched over it with some wire and you can also see bullet holes on the wall. The Carter family took refuge in the basement of the house while the battle raged outside.
It was hotter than blue blazes while I was down glad to be back in cool, cloudy Michigan!!!
I'll post "Part 3 of Sweet Home Alabama" tomorrow!

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woolwoman said...

I love Tenn. - we have vacationed in the mts there for most of my life. I look forward to it every year. I have never toured the JD facility but my folks have and I'm interested to hear the guide's tip about using it in place of vanilla - I'm sure that could work well in a lot of recipes. Your son is a handsome fellow. The photos of the old homestead were very interesting. Thanks for sharing your trip with us - melody