Wednesday, August 20, 2008

My Wonderful Week of Wool

Every year I look forward to the second full week of August, also known as my "wonderful week of wool." That's when all of us rug hookers converge on Sauder Village in Ohio to shop, visit, and view the best rug show in the Midwest. Then, at the end of the week, I like to attend the Michigan Fiber Festival in Allegan, Michigan. That's when all of us fiber enthusiasts gather together to celebrate the wonderful world of fiber...knitting, spinning, weaving, rug hooking, etc. Lots of shopping! It is also one of the best places in Michigan to see beautiful fiber animals such as angora goats, sheep, llamas, alpacas, and angora rabbits.
Here's Rebecca Erb's booth at Sauder Village. Look at all that luscious wool fabric stacked up! That was before the shoppers swooped down to grab what they could for their stash.

Here's a pillow made from Not Forgotten Flowers, a Spruce Ridge Studios pattern adapted from Lori Brechlin folk art. I love the soft blue colors. I also love how this rug hooker hooked the little sunflower. I didn't get the name of the maker so if anyone knows, please leave me a comment and I will certainly give credit.
Here's the gang from Rug Hooking Magazine. They had a beautiful display! We all grabbed a copy of the newest Celebrations issue. What a treat to see some of the winning Celebrations rugs in the exhibit!

OK, now we have to shift our focus to the Michigan Fiber Festival! I was a vendor there this year and had a small booth. Thanks to all who visited and shopped!

Even though we were busy tending the booth, I still took a few moments to walk over to the animal barns to see the beautiful angora goats and sheep. Neil brought 18 Wensleydale sheep this year and won several awards (I'm sorry, I can't remember exactly, but I think he said "best ewe, best ram, best pen of lambs." I ought to check that out). Neil was primping and combing two ram lambs for the sheep show while I was visiting and chatting with him. I was scratching and petting one of the ram lambs and held his little chin in the palm of my hand. "Wow, Neil," I said, "this little guy is really sweet and has such a nice personality" and I looked down at the lamb's farm guessed it! It was Emma's brother!!! I wonder if the little ram knew I had a family connection to him?!?!
While I was at Fiber Fest, I bought a great little book written by Letty Klein and I'm going to teach myself a new craft in my spare time (a little voice in my head is saying "another new craft? what spare time?" Yeah, working with fiber is a true addiction, isn't it??? Never can get enough of it). You make long braids with roving, wash them in the washing machine to felt them, and then you sew them together like a braided rug...well, actually, it is a braided rug but it's made of warm, wonderful roving. I can't wait to get started!
I'll post a little something about Emma tomorrow. She's growing into a lovely little lady.


JoJo said...

Kris, I love the pictures. I'd love to be able to attend Sauder some day and your pictures make that wish more acute. Lots of shopping to do and lots of rugs to drool over.

katie said...

WOW the roving, felted, braided rug sounds wonderful. I will be watching. Great job on your blog it is so pretty.

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